In Retrospect

Source (incidentally, I've got this episode of Sailor Moon on VHS)

As you might already know sustainable fashion and preloved clothing are a huge part of what this blog is all about. I aim to push the idea of second-hand fashion as far as I can, in order for you to feel inspired to mix and match some of your (or somebody else's) preloved clothes to a uniquely styled outfit. As I mentioned in my Manifesto my wardrobe is steadily growing thanks to many visits to local flea markets and second-hand shops. The below outfit is no exception to that.

I was able to combine my sister's old top with the rest of the preloved clothes I got. The camouflage rain jacket was picked up at a dope second-hand shop in Paris, and the baggy pants were purchased from Humana and then re-fixed. I was even able to score these classic Doc Martens from a girl, and they only cost me half the original price! As I like to say, second-hand is best-hand!

A big thank you (!) to Legend Jerry for taking these snapshots of me!