If the title of this post doesn't ring a bell don't worry. I can explain. Over the past weeks, a lot of people have been experiencing lots of changes in their lives. Whether it was an unexpected message from a former love interest or a sudden decrease in money. Unforeseen events are taking place and we have the planets to blame for that. Apparently.

Many of these occurrences are said to have happened because of #retrograde or to be specific, because of the shifts of the planets which include Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto (yeah Pluto's considered a planet again), Mars, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury. I'm not going to go into detail about why, when and how these changes are taking place. Mainly because I'm as uninformed about astrology as I am about why that flab of skin on your elbow is called weenus. The point is, I too have been experiencing changes, and I am motivated to push for more positive outcomes in my life.

My first attempt at the celebration of this moving energy is stepping up my photography game and working harder at my DIY craftings. And here we have a combination of both.

I designed and then worked on a visor with my own bare hands...and my sewing machine.
The materials for the visor did not even cost me up to 10,- € and my good friend Esther gladly stood as a model for my prototype. I will attempt to make another one soon, maybe even with a tutorial?... Until then enjoy these pictures!