Discovering: Bonn/Cologne

I don't travel a lot, mainly because I spend most of my money on clothes and film &  camera equipment...But all of that will be changing this year. I'm close to (finally) completing my 1st degree and before I graduate and drift off into the world of full-time working hours I'll try my best to discover the real world as much as I can. This year's first trip began with visiting our family in Germany. My girl Michelle showed me around her home-town Bonn and we also payed a visit to Cologne.

24h in Cologne

The Vintage Shops in Cologne seem to be much more enticing than Austrian 2nd hand stores, I'm assuming this is because the city has a much bigger Hipster-scene than Vienna. People come in all forms and colours, as do their clothes...and it seemed like the majority of Colognians opted for the "trashy but not homeless" look. I'm not judging, it's just a simple observation.

As we walked I enjoyed analysing how the younger generation of our German brothers and sisters style themselves, which tbh, is much better than how a lot of Viennese folks dress. Step up your game Vienna. H&M and Kanye West are not the only fashion references out there.

Compared to, for example the French, I've noticed that many Colognians are a bit more bold about what they wear. I'd describe it as "subtle stunting" - making use of small items and brands that make you stand out from the masses. And that is exactly the type of fashion I live for. Silently loud, but proud.

The probably largest Vintage & 2nd Hand Store I ever set foot in completely took me aback at first. I write at first because I was disappointed I didn't find anything I really wanted to buy.
You could shop by weight, which was also pretty interesting. Since it was so popular the shop itself was just swarming of people, but despite that I had a lot of fun going through all the unique clothes and items it had to offer.

To fulfil my duty as a typical tourist we ended our last stop at the Cologne Dome. I didn't really see much of it because my tour guides had no clue about the monstrous church either (yes, I'm calling you guys out!)

Although short, we tried to make the best of the little time we had and I can't wait to see where the next mini adventure will take me!