Afro Nova

The African Diaspora and all of its glory are slowly becoming more mainstream. Although I tend to stray from the norm (I'm different okay?) it makes me ecstatic to see how other cultures are learning of what I was fortunate to grow up with. With Black Panther making mind-blowing sales in theatres, this African royalty/butt-kicking superhero is showing how truly rich the African continent is, on an international scale.

Although fictional, Wakanda depicts the wealth and beauty of an entire heritage that is time over time misrepresented. If you've seen the movie you'll probably have noticed the amazing clothing worn by the characters, which consisted of a mixture of traditional and futuristic outfits.
But the Wakandan fashion is well alive in the real world as well.

The young and upcoming fashion brand, Afro Nova takes traditional West-African materials and re-purposes them into bags, accessories & galore. What started off as a school project turned into an amazing opportunity for these three high school girls to express their common interest in fashion.

The typical "snap me picta" pose from your aunty, but with a modern flair 

The girls are out to create something new from traditional African textile.
Their name, which they coincidentally came up with in a WhatsApp group chat, explains their goal in a simple manner; A new wave of Africa.

With a team of supporting friends to help around with modeling and photoshoots (including moi) Afro Nova is slowly growing into a formidable brand for unique and easily accessible products.

Why easily accessible, you ask? Simply slide into their DM on Instagram if you like what you see!

Click here if you want to see more of their pieces.

Photo Credit: Afro Nova Productions