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...there's an endless story. I could continue reciting the lyrics to one of my favourite Shakira songs, but this post is about what...

...there's an endless story. I could continue reciting the lyrics to one of my favourite Shakira songs, but this post is about what literally lies under your every-day T-shirts and Crop-Tops. My fellow ladies (sorry for the juxtaposition), I am talking about bras.

There are those of us who don't even wear bras and think they're a complete waste of time because

A. You are a strong and confident woman who doesn't have to live up to society's outdated standards of how females should conceal their chest area.
B. You are a part of the #ittybittytittycommittee (represent!) and you find the function of a bra useless.

Either way, you go girl! Others however, myself included, rely on bras and bandeuas for that extra support and/or lift, so that our gals can feel comfortable. But finding the right bra that meets the for-mentioned criteria and more! can be a real struggle. I mean, did you know that more than 70% of women in the world are running around in the wrong bra size? If you refuse to be a part of that number and you'd rather join the rest of us 30% who know how to pick the right bra size (and also wear it accordingly) here are a few personal tips that explain how to avoid common bra-blems.

Bigger is not always better

When picking a bra I used to mistake the tightest hook for the best fitting size. In actuality you should start hooking your new bra on the loosest hook, once it starts getting loose you can adjust the hooks and make them tighter.

Avoid the "Quad Boob"

There is nothing sexy or alluring about the illusion of four boobs sticking out of your chest, especially when wearing a tight shirt. If you feel addressed by my words it's time to go a cup size up and find a bra that forms and doesn't suffocate your breast.

"The best bra is one you never think about"

It took me a heck of a long time to figure out that all these years I've been wearing the wrong bra.
The minor sting in my chest after hours of wearing the thing should have tipped me off though, but I finally realized that I'm better of wireless.

With that being said, what's your bra size and type? Curious about what would be the right fit for you? You can begin your search by clicking on the link and trying out the Fit Finder to discover what size suits YOU best! Use the following Promo Code: BRABLEMS to get 15% off your first purchase!

Everyone has a different body type and depending on the person their preferences in comfort will also be different.

So whether you're looking for wireless, strapless or full coverage bras; I've got you covered. Or rather Third Love, creators of pretty & practical bras, has got you covered. 
Follow the link for an overview of their variety of well fitted bras.

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