The Story of my Faux Locks

Chapter 1 - The first week of torture I’ve wanted to try out this hairstyle for quite a while now. Faux Locks; the alternative...

Chapter 1 - The first week of torture

I’ve wanted to try out this hairstyle for quite a while now. Faux Locks; the alternative to permanent dreadlocks. For weeks I’ve been browsing through Pinterest (My main source of inspiration), admiring all these beautiful women with their beautiful hairstyle. But I did not know what I was getting myself into.

The hairstyle itself seemed simple enough to make. I did everything on my own, starting from the waist long twists to the wrapping of the hair around my twists. I suffered for three days, and once I was finished the true horror had yet to begin. (Just in time for Halloween I might add.)
The hair was completely done and I must say it looked amazing. I loved how natural it looked and how everyone was fooled, thinking it was my real hair. Typical questions like “Can I touch it?!” were asked, with me unwillingly agreeing to their ridiculous request. Y’all know how it is.

Everything was fiiine, I looked amazing, and the little pain I felt on my neck? Surely it would pass. The heavy weight of the hair that was slightly pulling my head down? I’ll probably get used to it. It’s been a week and at times I still struggle to balance my head. Every 10-15 minutes I readjust my neck due to discomfort. It took nearly 5.5 packs of X-Pression to complete this hairstyle and I am carrying the full weight of it on my shoulders. Literally.

Honestly speaking I am very close to cutting off the hair. If you’re a person that braids their hair frequently (aka if you’re black) then you probably know how much money goes into hairstyles such as Box Braids, Jumbo Twists and any other type of hairstyle that requires several packs of “mesh”. It breaks my heart that I’ve wasted (so much) money on this, but at least I’ve learned from this experience.

Chapter 2 - Ease pain, ease...

About 1.5 weeks have past since I cut my hair. No regrets. Cutting off the hair naturally meant getting rid of the pain that came with it. Which meant no more torturous nights and waking up with a slightly stiff neck. I've been sleeping better and also feeling much better. My vision has also improved, don't ask me how but my fellow readers; short hair changes your life!

Leaving all jokes aside, I have the feeling short faux locks suit me more than long ones. What do you think? Check out the pictures below! 

By the way, the piercings are fake. Just thought I should mention this in case any family members read this. Watch my latest YT-Video to find out how I made them! 

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