Crochet Hair with Ombre Effect

If you've seen my last hair posts you'll know that I've experimented with Crochet Braids and Ombre Twists . This time I combine...

If you've seen my last hair posts you'll know that I've experimented with Crochet Braids and Ombre Twists. This time I combined both hair styles! The outcome isn't quite what I had hoped it would be. After nearly three days of work I somehow managed to achieve the Ombre look, even though the back of the hair is lacking in the colour transition part.

What I did and what I should have done:

I did my cornrows (or Bakala as we Mankon peeps call it) in the basic "one line at a time" pattern.
After that exhausting two hour hand exercise I started crocheting the blonde hair around my head, which was my first mistake! The fact that the blonde was EVERYWHERE made it impossible to crochet in the brown hair. I looked like a black version of Christina Aguilera with terrible highlights.

                                                                  Sorry X-Tina, but ew.

Mistake Nr. 2: Too much huur! Even after blow drying the Kanekalon hair it was just too much volume. A lot of it had to go, and by go I mean sitting there for another two hours removing blonde crocheted strands from my Bakala.

As my favourite saying goes "You learn from your mistakes". And that I truly have! I'm happy that at least the front part looks rather decent. Do you see those waves? Cute right? Yeah, I did that after braiding them Pipi Longstockings-style.

If anyone wants to re-create this looks here's a helpful tip:

Start crocheting from the lower cornrows to the middle ones, and from there transition with the second colour until you've reached the top. That way the hair will have that beautiful Ombre effect and you won't have to worry about any highlights.  

P.S.: *I used about 2 and a half packets of blonde Kanekalon hair (Color 613) and about 1 and half packets of Color 2, since it resembles my natural hair the most.

PP.S.: Send me your pics on IG if you've tried out this look!

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