Voulez-vous crochet avec moi?

Weaves? Wigs? Forget those. I'm obsessed with  crochet braids/hair ! They're a simple alternative to the long-hair-extension-proce...

Weaves? Wigs? Forget those. I'm obsessed with crochet braids/hair! They're a simple alternative to the long-hair-extension-procedure some of us suffer to go through.Benefits of the crochet are for example that they're easy to make. All you need is a crochet pin and you're basically good to go. And they don't itch half as much as a full on sew in would after a week of nesting on your head. Another reason, and probably THE BEST reason to get crochet braids, is the versatility for different hairstyles. Since all of your hair is cornrowed it's easy to flip them tiny knots back and forth. 

Check out some styles I tried out on the pictures below!

Middle Part

Side Part

Bun on top

I think I did a pretty neat job hiding the cornrows for the most part, but I would probably not wear the bun as much as I'd want to. The outer part clearly shows signs of my natural hair and I don't like the obvious "She's done something to her hair" look. Maybe experimenting with other methods of the crochet will lead to a nicer looking outcome.

Are you currently rocking the crochet style? 
Share some of your pictures with me!

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