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A while back I started a little game on my  Instagram , to see whether or whether not people could guess what I’d be giving my mum for...

A while back I started a little game on my Instagram, to see whether or whether not people could guess what I’d be giving my mum for her birthday. Sadly the only responses I received were a fountain and a cupcake tray.
In this post I will be revealing what the presents actually were:

1. Item tray out of glass
I can see how you would come up with the idea of a fountain, but instead of keeping water in these glass plates I’d suggest jewelry or random little make up essentials you would usually leave laying around.

As you can see my mum is a huge fan of animal prints.         (Strictly faux of course, I would not permit anything else!)

I got both plates from Caritas, a second hand shop in Vienna that supports the less fortunate. The candleholder between both plates was also purchased from Caritas.

2. Jewelry Frame Hanger
Although she has not hung up a lot of things yet this frame gives you many options; sun glasses, light broches and pins, you name it.

It can also be hung horizontally, whichever way works for you. J  
I probably spent about a buck on the frame (Flea Market <3 ) and maybe 3 Euros on the wooden sticks. After cutting them I tried to make a cute and artsy design with them…it just turned out to like a rather crooked “W”.

3. Make-up brush Stand
Last but not least, I present to you this super cute make-up brush stand filled with white décor stones:
I bought the glass container for about 3 Euros and spent 5 on the décor stones.

I think I spent at most 20 Euros on all of the items.
Seeing my mother smile after she opened her gifts was probably the highlight of that day, and although I am a huge D.I.Y fan I do think it’s alright to spoil your loved ones once in a while.  A little bit of luxury doesn’t hurt anyone, but I still encourage you to step out of your bank account-box and be more creative/inspired.

What type of D.I.Y gifts have you shared with your friends and family? Leave a comment below!

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